Tour of ZIchron Yakov

Gather at Hameyasdim Square in Zichron Yakov (near the large parking lot)

Tour begins – Zichron’s establishment as one of the villages in the 1st Aliyah (1st wave of immigration to Eretz Yisrael)

Walk down the Wine Route – Hameyasdim Street

Explanation about the NILI Organization and the Aharonson family

Binyamin Pool and Ohel Yakov Synagogue built in the 19th century

The Baron’s Garden, First Aliyah Museum – explanation at the entrance

Langa Estate – built about 100 years ago and speaks for itself

Restaurant options

Tishby Winery – on Zichron’s main street (the story of its establishment is related to the establishment of Zichron Yakov)

Winery Restaurant (the famous winery established by Baron de Rothschild)

Casa Bruna – restaurant with a view of the sea (short drive away)

Options for walks

Walk in the park or Nadiv Gardens (open space on the outskirts of Zichron)

תמונה של זכרון יעקבתמונה של זכרון יעקב

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