Tour of Nazareth

The Old City of Nazareth is thought to be the place in which Jesus lived and spent his childhood. It contains a large number of impressively beautiful churches.

The tour includes a visit to the Catholic Church of the Annunciation – the biggest in the Middle East.

Joseph the Carpenter’s Church – Jesus’s father; the Synagogue Church – a small and unique church in which Jesus used to pray

If we have time – we will also visit St. Gabriel’s Church and Mary’s Well – where the mother of Jesus received word she was bearing the Son of God

On the way we will of course have a look at the multicolored Nazareth bazaar, enjoy the colors and smell the aroma of spices and coffee.

We will enter the small complex that tells the story of the city from the viewpoint of women who grew up in the city, and of course we’ll taste the flavors of the bazaar.

Another option is to visit the ancient bathhouse going back to Roman times (at additional cost).

תמונה של נצרת תמונה של נצרת


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