Tour of Safed

Safed is one of Israel’s most picturesque cities, a lovely gem for tourists. On the tour we will indulge in a bit of everything: some culture, some heritage, the atmosphere of religion and Kabbalah, food, mountain views and of course cool, fresh air.

We will visit the Ari Synagogue, destroyed in the 1837 earthquake and rebuilt in 1985. The synagogue contains a unique and opulent Torah ark with artistic woodwork and filigree.

We will also visit Abuhav Synagogue from the 16th century.

We will tour the Artists’ Colony, a quarter that has houses with inner courtyards, sitting one on top of the other and embellished with vine-clad pergolas.

At the select Abuhav Winery we will taste local Galilean wine.

We will conclude with a fascinating journey inside the ancient tunnels connecting to the 16th century quarter.

תמונה של צפת

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