Minorities and Religions in the Carmel Region – Haifa and its Environs

In a place of interweaving religions and ethnic groups that refuse to give up on the unique multicolored tapestry they produce together, living in such close proximity to one another… We will walk leisurely inside the breathtakingly beautiful Bahai Gardens. We’ll visit the large Ahmadiya Mosque of brotherhood and world peace. The Ahmads and their story are something quite different in the landscape of Eretz Israel, so saturated with struggles and wars. These believers of Islam speak out for peace, not violence! We’ll see the Stella Maris Catholic Church overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and from there we’ll go a short way on foot to Elijah’s Cave, a holy site for Judaism. We’ll end our day together at the one-of-a-kind Castra Center which contains one of the world’s biggest mosaic floors, depicting spectacular scenes from the “Book of Books”, that is the Old Testament.

סיגל לבאן הדרכת טיולים.

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